Cairns Spiritual Retreats


Cairns Spiritual Retreats ~ Mindfulness Retreats & Yoga Getaways

Cairns Spiritual Retreats provide the place, space and support to journey inwards, connect with your essence and rediscover your strengths and who you are. Why Cairns? It’s an ancient landscape, with the world’s oldest living culture. The world’s oldest continually surviving tropical rainforests thrive here, nourished by the tropical rains, nutrient rich rivers and diverse ecosystem. Offshore is the Great Barrier Reef, the world’s largest living organism, a vibrant underwater world teeming with life large and small. The Traditional Owners, people who have evolved within this country for tens of thousands of years and are intrinsically linked to and with it. Our Cairns Spiritual Retreats let you connect with that rich natural and cultural heritage, breathing in the tropical air and out the stress and worries of everyday life. You are guided by leaders in mindfulness and yoga, who take you within and leave you with a deep sense of restoration, peacefulness and calm. Our Cairns Spiritual Retreat venues offer peaceful places in natural environments, which enable you to breathe deeply and connect to your core. Guides and venues vary, allowing you to choose a Cairns Spiritual Retreat best suited to your wishes, but all incorporate yoga and mindfulness, which once learned can be incorporated into your everyday life.


Cairns Yoga Retreats ~ Finding Your Stillness, Restoring Your Balance

Our Cairns Spiritual Retreats incorporate guided yoga sessions, to help you find your moment of stillness. These are suitable for everyone from beginners to intermediates and experienced yogis, with all sessions tailored to suit the experience of participants. At their core, the yoga sessions are about seeking and empowering your moments of stillness – using breath to find balance within your core and movement. It’s about releasing the stress and tension of the everyday, focusing your attention inwards to restore your own balance and flow. Connecting inwardly and outwardly. Letting the power of the natural world send its tendrils inwards, to reach and connect with our own neuron pathways and outwards, honouring the beauty of that connection and its restorative power.


Cairns Mindfulness Retreats ~ Calm Your Mind , Balance Your Busy Life

Our Cairns Mindfulness Retreats are lead by experienced practitioners, passionate about helping you harness the power and peacefulness of mindfulness. We’re not talking specifically about a state of mind, rather it’s a space and place where you release your mind and let go of all conscious thought, worry and mental clutter. Mindfulness is peacefulness, which can take different forms for different people, depending on individual circumstances and experiences. To enhance our Cairns mindfulness retreats, we choose locations which are surrounded by natural beauty. Birdsong might fill air, or perhaps the gentle wash of waves on sandy beaches, they are places where you can focus inwards and not be distracted by the clutter of the modern world. All of our Cairns mindfulness retreats incorporate plenty of downtime, which you can choose to fill how you like. Walks in nature. Contemplation. Reflection. Stretches and breathing. Finding peacefulness within, restoring your core strength to fulfill purpose with power.


Cairns Spiritual Retreats ~ Holidays and Getaways

Our Cairns Spiritual Retreats are one of the most healing ways you can restore your sense of self and work life balance. We believe it’s one of most rewarding adventures you can have, and this natural paradise we call home, is the one of the best places to seek and find connection with self, the world around you and the environment. Our Cairns Spiritual Retreats vary and may include shamanic journeys, mindfulness and yoga retreats, wellness or spiritual holidays. While the journeys are different and the pathways vary, all seek the same destination, inner peace and empowerment, filling your body with breath, presence and power. We look forward to taking you, on one of our Cairns Spiritual Retreats.