25 - 28 March 2021

The Journey Within

The Journey Within – Yoga & Wellness Retreat 

There is a beautiful connection between your mind and soul existence, as its balance starts from within. Stretching your boundaries and learning the comfort of your body temple and higher self is where this retreat manifests its glory. 

 “The Journey Within” a 4-day 3-night retreat that will embark you into the unknown, a powerful yoga retreat packed with ancient practices and medicine roots from Ayurveda to Qigong and Taijiquan, embraced and blessed by a shaman from Cherokee roots, and the unique balance existing between the eternal movement of Yin and Yang Yoga. 

Let us take you on a journey of layers that will bring to light the very best of you and accompany your life balance throughout the rest of the year. 

Come move like water, unwind like air, find peace in the grounding earth and balance through all the elements.

Move out energies that do not serve space anymore and welcome renewed ones.

 Let your mind travel, get that calming energy from the Byron Bay Hinterlands, step into the 20-million-year-old volcanic soil and connect with the outer world only when needed.

 Feel recharged and rejuvenated while you settle into this holiday retreat that opens the space to travel back to you and enjoy the process. 

Get captured by the golden rays of sunlight that subtly enter your room to start the day. Whether it is room UNO, DOS, TRES, CUATRO or CINCO they are all here to enhance your experience. With its Latin numerology and spiritual roots. They have been specially named through a process of sagged energy clearing to give them renew purposes and charged with its unique yoga wellness intentions in line with the soil, your teachers, shaman and ritualist, wuji medicine and the feast that your body nourish will experience.

Are you ready?

Lets start your yoga wellness retreat journey!

Gastronomy and Ayurveda blend together in harmony for your body nourishment.



(Ayurveda in Sanskrit) our ayurvedic chef will honour your primary elements:


Vata: The wind & ether volatile you

Pitta: The internal fire&water movements

Kapha: Your grounding earth&water


Through them, we ensure these basic types of energy and functionality that exist in your body are balanced, met and supported from within.

Byron Bay Yoga Wellness
Byron Bay Yoga Wellness

Bonus!: you will learn how to include this plant-based experience in your daily routine!

Byron Bay Yoga Wellness

She is an experienced celebrant and regularly helps people in all stages of life move through profound rites of passage -from birth to death.

Ann believes in the old ways, the ancient future wisdom that Gaia holds and the innate power within. She is so excited to be part of your retreat journey.

She will join us to open the retreat with a ceremony of intention that will be specifically designed to assist you in getting the most out of your journey.

Wash away any external energy that you do not wish to bring into the retreat, go deep into meditation, receive sound medicine and set intentions for the coming days.        

Ann draws upon her Cherokee heritage, her spiritual practice and deep understanding of nature’s wisdom to create potent and transformational ceremonies.


Wuji Medicine fuses ancient internal healing practices with the latest biomechanical movement science to provide an exceptional holistic training system. 

Taijiquan and Qigong both stem from the same philosophical roots of ancient Chinese philosophy, medicine and martial art. Today both Taijiquan (commonly referred to as Tai chi) and Qigong are fundamental practices used to improve and enhance the health and vitality of individuals through the cultivation of Qi (energy).

Byron Bay Yoga Wellness
Byron Bay Yoga Wellness

He has been sharing his knowledge and expertise with many students and complementary health practitioners and supporting them to develop their own practice.

As we draw into the practice Nick will guide you, as we move through specific movement patterns coordinated by breath and intention designed to boost your immune and cardiovascular system.

An invitation to rediscover the Qi within you!

Byron Bay Yoga Wellness

Sofia´s characteristic presence is of a warm embrace, with over 10 years of yoga on her shoulders, she has kept the essence that made her fall in love with the practice, a therapy for the body to regain balance, space, and flexibility while giving the mind a calm and clear line of thought. A journey of layers, of that beautiful connection between exploring and healing, that is born from within, is what you can expect from her throughout this retreat.

Her mixed professional Yoga past experiences have led her, among others, to learn with Simon Borg Olivier the intricacy of applied anatomy and physiology of Yoga, developing further interest in restorative forms of Yoga and Eastern philosophy, culminating in her certification as a Yin yoga teacher. 

Sofia is deeply inspired by the healing qualities of Yoga, the freedom of movement we can gain through our practice, and the quality of mind that we can have through the infinite wisdom of our breath! She loves to incorporate wisdom from her Ayurveda studies, Traditional Chinese Medicine, Indigenous Teachings, and Tea meditations through her classes. A way of practice that welcomes you to dive deep, and let go.

Byron Bay Yoga Wellness

Welcome to Daniela´s personal flavour of yoga practice. Through her class you can expect expressions of her broad background, in classical and modern professional dance, as well as her experience as an internationally accredited yoga teacher and barre instructor.

She truly believes Yoga teaches to dive deeper within the self. It guides into acceptance, balance, space, as well as strength and flexibility of the body and the mind. For her, Yoga is a form of self-love and self-expression. It is a new path that offers much more than just a physical practice.

In her classes, she will invite you to embrace your empowering self-seeking journey through fluid, upbeat and challenging vinyasa sequences adapted to all levels. That will lead you to delve deeper, become lighter, and flow a little freer. Get ready to feel accomplished, energised and bring to light your unique glow.

Retreat Price

From AUD 1750 per person (Base price*)

Price includes:

  • “SET THE INTENTIONS” Opening Ceremony Blessing  (Shaman guided and crafted only for this journey retreat).
  • Welcome your doshas with nibbles and drinks.
  • Luxury accommodation nestled in the hinterlands of Byron Bay (Twin share, Queen or king master suite) – *see specific room pricing below.
  • Welcoming retreat package.
  • Daily Nourishment by our professional
  • Ayurvedic Chef.
  • Daily Yin focused Yoga classes (starting on day 2) 
  • “THE JOURNEY WITHIN” PART 1- A guided meditation and journey.
  • Yang, through Vinyasa yoga, daily classes (starting on day 2).
  • Ayurveda cooking class (Day 3).
  • “THE JOURNEY WITHIN” PART 2 -A guided meditation and journey.
  • Taijiquan and Qigong, retreat closure, masterclass.
  • And a couple more surprises waiting for you at the retreat

Price does not include:

  • Transport to/ from Blue Green Sanctuary, Byron Bay (car pooling may be an option)
  • Costs of personal nature (drinks, extras)
  • Optional therapy and relax massage
  • Other optional extras not specified in inclusions or room specifications
Byron Bay Yoga Wellness


Luxury Accomodation

Room types & rooming configuration

Byron Bay Yoga Wellness, Blue Green Sanctuary
Byron Bay Yoga Wellness, Blue Green Sanctuary
Byron Bay Yoga Wellness, Blue Green Sanctuary
Byron Bay Yoga Wellness, Blue Green Sanctuary
5 UNO  1
Byron Bay Yoga Wellness
Byron Bay Yoga Wellness