Our Airlie Beach Mindfulness Retreat is designed to guide an absolute beginner, step-by-step into the practice. The approach being unique and life-applicable will also help broaden the foundations of the experienced practitioner, systematically unfolding for both the multitude of benefits from Mindfulness practice.

  Having always had a keen interest in philosophy and the esoteric, Han underwent teacher training with a yoga ashram for 2 years before living in that ashram for another two and a half years, developing himself individually and as a teacher. He delivered numerous courses, workshops and retreats during his time there and, most notably, had been teaching and coordinating the ashram’s teacher training program.
The ashram drew many likeminded people to it, providing Han with the opportunity to meet and learn from many other acclaimed meditation teachers. These interactions would lead to a deepened understanding of the science behind mindfulness along with the various techniques applied. He has since developed and delivered a multitude of Mindfulness workshops and courses in Australia for a wide range of participants along with specialised workshops to allied health and mental health professionals. Mindfulness has become such an important and beneficial way of life for him and is something he continues to share passionately with others for their wellbeing. His approach to the practices are light-hearted and is known for his capacity to deliver complex concepts in an accessible manner. For him, the practices are a way of thinking and living rather than just a band aid for life.