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Embark on the unlimited adventure of journeying deep into your soul and finding the essence of who you are.


We can take you on an exciting ride through spiritual workshops and retreats, Mindfulness and yoga getaways, shamanic and spiritual journeys during which you will discover places within yourself you never knew existed. You will be taken out of your comfort zone to experience your strength and resilience and see the potential you hold.

Beautiful destinations and hideaway places will serve as a perfect background for your spiritual work.

Tours 2019/2020

Byron Bay

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About Us

     Spiritual Journeys is a part of No Limit Adventures. After many years of journeying to different parts of the world and engaging in various activities it was time to turn our attention inwards and embark on the journey of spiritual self-discovery. Having been on the spiritual path for many years we agree that this is the most rewarding adventure one can undertake. Whether through shamanic journeys, mindfulness and yoga retreats, spiritual trips this road leads to healing and finding the essence of who you are. What can be more exciting than connecting to your soul?

Let the greatest adventure of your lifetime begin!   


Spiritual Journeys


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